JustTech Provides Value Added IT Services to Organizations

JustTech provides value added IT services and solutions to organizations so that those organizations can focus on their core business. These services may supplement the internal duties performed by an in-house IT department or they may be performed as part of JustTech's managed IT solution. Value Added IT Services include: [...]

12 Years of Providing Managed IT with a 95% Client Retention Rate

JustTech has been providing managed IT solutions for 12 years with a higher than industry average client retention rate of 95%. JustTech began offering IT support to our clients in 2010 because of repeated requests for IT assistance from clients. Business processes were rapidly transitioning to a full or partial [...]

42% of Small Businesses Need More IT Help

According to a recent Verizon Business survey, 42% of small businesses would like to receive IT support & expertise as they navigate through the recovery of COVID-19 and evolve to the new normal.  The study also found 43% plan on expanding their businesses through digital and related technology and 30% [...]

The Best Insurance for Your Network

With new prospective clients for our managed IT solution, occasionally we hear, "But we have not had a major issue lately, should we wait to start your service until we do?" The purpose of insurance is to help you recover and reduce the risks from an unfortunate event. As individuals, [...]

Increase IT Efficiency, Security, & Productivity

JustTech works with hundreds of client in providing full managed IT support and also supplemental IT support for in-house IT personnel at small businesses, non-profits and religious organizations.  With our IT solutions, our goals are to increase network & workflow efficiency, increase network security, and increase employee productivity. Network Management [...]

7 Reasons to Choose our Network & IT Solutions

JustTech's Network & IT Solutions continue to grow at a rapid pace as clients see the value of our solutions and how we can help improve workflows and increase efficiency.  So far this year, JustTech has added 5 new Managed IT clients and 1 supplemental IT support contract.  Check out [...]

Avoid The Microsoft Office Price Hike With Office 365

Microsoft raised the prices for retail versions of Office 2019 by as much as 10% when it began selling the software in October.  This stand-alone office suite is often refreshed for clients every couple of years in order to obtain new versions.  Microsoft Office 2019 Professional has a list price of $439.99 [...]

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Print & Scan Cloud Apps from Xerox

There are several free cloud ready apps from Xerox that provide the ability to print and scan from the cloud based program to the compatible Xerox multifunction printer.  Available apps that allow users to print & scan from are: DropBox, OneDrive, Box, Google Drive and Office 365. About Us Just·Tech [...]

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Outlook 2007 End of Life Announcement

Microsoft's Outlook 2007 will be going End of Life on October 31, 10 years after it was originally launched.  This means Microsoft will no longer provide: technical support for issues, bug fixes for issues that are uncovered and security fixes for vulnerabilities that are discovered. Also, for customers using Office 365, [...]

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