The Best IT Solution at an Affordable Rate

//The Best IT Solution at an Affordable Rate

The Best IT Solution at an Affordable Rate

With our Managed Network Solution, we have often been told we are not the cheapest and we are also often told we are not the most expensive.  It is always our intent to customize the best IT solution for a customer at the most affordable rate.  We believe in scaling our offerings and setting reasonable expectations.

Here are some common concerns we hear from other customers who use a competitive managed IT solution:

They over promised and under delivered!

My invoice is not what I thought it would be!

Our retention rate with our Managed Network Services is 95%.   We have a very high retention rate because we deliver clarity on the details of our solution and fulfill our commitments with our clients.  We have a help desk, tier 2 analysts, tier 3 analysts and account managers who are all focused on customer satisfaction.

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About Us

Southern Solutions provides Managed Network Services & IT Support to more then fifty small businesses, non-profits and religious organizations in Southern Maryland.  We specialize in proactive support and provide both onsite and remote assistance.  Southern Solutions specializes in cloud services, security services, network design and wireless networks.  For additional information, click here.

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