Getting to Know Our Clients

We are so thankful for our customers, employees, and all who have made Just·Tech into the family that we are today.

To show our appreciation, we’re spotlighting one Just·Tech client each month to get to know more about them not only as a business but as the people behind their companies, too.

Up next, we sat down with Matthew Waldron, Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Financial Officer at the George C. Marshall Foundation in Lexington, Virginia, and he has graciously agreed to talk to us today!

So sit back, relax, and learn more about Matthew and why the George C. Marshall Foundation partnered with Just·Tech!

Hi, Matthew! Thank you so much for talking to us today. We’re so excited to have you here! To start off, please tell us about your company.

Thank you for asking me to participate in Just·Tech’s Spotlight. The George C. Marshall Foundation located in Lexington, Virginia is a non-profit organization established in 1953 to preserve the legacy of General George C. Marshall. General Marshall is probably most well known for The Marshall Plan, which was intended to rebuild the economies and spirits of western Europe after WWII. Marshall was convinced the key to restoration of political stability lay in the revitalization of these national economies. Further, he saw political stability in Western Europe as a key to blunting the advances of communism in that region, so Marshall’s place in history is well-established.

Incidentally, General Marshall was a graduate of VMI which is why the Foundation resides on post.

As a unique resource, the Foundation perpetuates Marshall’s legacy as the person who “won the war and won the peace,” his leadership qualities and exemplary character through educational programs and facilities, such as a world-class archives and a research library that offers a wide range of resources and materials for use by members, the general public, amateur historians, scholars, and students of all ages.

Wow, thank you for that great background information! Fantastic! Can you tell us about your role and responsibilities at the George C. Marshall Foundation?

As the Chief Financial Officer of the Foundation, I serve a number of roles, including responsibilities for all financial matters as well as the operational functions of the organization.  This includes handling all the IT platforms for the employees and also the vast functions of our library resources which include digitization of the archives and delivery of live streaming member events.

It sounds like you stay busy! When did you first reach out to Just·Tech for assistance? What brought you to us?

I actually didn’t reach out to Just·Tech, rather it was Ed Yarbrough, Solutions Specialist ,who contacted me. This was a classic cold call that resulted in a great experience. Ed already knew of the Foundation and over a period of time would call me to stay in touch; no high-pressure sales job – it was a relationship building strategy where he gradually learned about our needs over a period of many months and I in turn learned about what Just·Tech had to offer.

It was great timing. The Foundation was in very bad need of modernizing its IT infrastructure and upgrading its IT risk management. As a small organization of only nine employees, we didn’t have the expertise needed to manage IT services; we needed to outsource with a well- respected and responsive organization. After completing our due diligence against other prominent competitors, we signed with Just·Tech who we saw as possessing the best resources to meet our needs.

It’s always great to hear when a business relationship is built on a good foundation. What has your experience been like working with us?

The Foundation’s experience with Just·Tech has been excellent. We already had high expectations of your services and you have delivered in every instance. We are especially satisfied with the responsiveness to our trouble calls and other matters. Just·Tech offers an excellent value for service.

So glad we have earned your trust and can continue to earn your trust! If someone were looking for similar services that we provided to you for their business, what would you say to them? Would you recommend us?

If an organization was looking for similar services, I would definitely suggest that they meet Just·Tech and compare them against other competitors. Don’t look solely at cost of services, rather consider the expertise and customer service component of the potential relationship. In many respects, IT services are similar from vendor to vendor, but it is the service-oriented culture that Just·Tech has to offer that sets them apart.

Thank you so much for these amazing words! We appreciate you so much! Is there anything that you would like to add that we may have not asked you?

Nothing more to add.

Matthew, again, thank you for sitting down with us today. We are extremely appreciative of your business and consider you and your team as part of the Just·Tech family. Finishing up this interview, what is the best way to get in contact with you?

Please contact me directly at 540-463-7103 or via email at

Thank you for your faith in us, Matthew! We love working with you and the entire team at the George C. Marshall Foundation!

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