JustTech’s Reliable & Secure Cloud Fax Solution

JustTech provides a reliable and secure cloud faxing solution for clients. Many organizations are moving to cloud fax services because of the significant monthly cost savings as compared to having an analog fax line and the cost savings of not having long distance costs. Also, most major phone carriers have [...]

Solutions for Religious Organizations

We work with many religious organizations in Southern Maryland and have observed some common challenges: Creating high impact event programs, fliers and letters. Studies show that color increases attention by 82%, improves remembrance by 39%, increases comprehension by 73%, and reduces time reading documents by 70%.  Southern Solutions provides a full line of color printing products from desktop [...]

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Savings for Religious Customers

Catholic Purchasing Services is a national, not-for-profit organization dedicated to reducing costs for churches and religious affiliated institutions. They do so by consolidating individual purchases into major volume purchasing agreements that will save money for their participants. You do not have to join or pay fees to take advantage of their agreements. One [...]

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