Introducing the Xerox Auto-Redaction App

According to Identity Theft Resource Center, 446.5 million consumer records containing personal identical information were exposed last year. With the Auto-Redaction App for Xerox multifunction printers, you can remove sensitive and personally identifiable information (PII) from an entire document in seconds. Any personally identifiable information (PII) — names, phone numbers, [...]

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Accounting Firms Need Enhanced Cybersecurity to Protect Clients

Accounting firms and tax preparers have long been targeted by foreign and domestic cybercriminals in attempts to access their clients' data. Once accessed, bank account information, social security numbers and other private information may be stolen and used illegally to benefit the criminal organizations. The IRS routinely releases guidelines on [...]

Solutions for Finance & Accounting Organizations

We work with many finance & accounting organizations in Southern Maryland and have observed some common challenges: Creating meaningful scanning workflows. Creating and following a meaningful scanning workflow is important for many financial and accounting organizations.  With our Xerox multifunction printers, there are many scanning options available, including: scan to [...]

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Xerox User Permissions

Xerox’s User Permissions provides advanced control over printing per user, time of day or week and per application.  For example, would you like certain users to print in color and certain users to print in black & white?  Or for all webpages to be printed in black & white and [...]

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Xerox Standard Accounting

Xerox Standard Accounting is available on many Xerox multifuction copiers.  With Xerox Standard Accounting, customers can track and limit copy, print, scan and fax jobs for each user.  Limits can be changed or reset remotely at anytime and color can be restricted for certain users.  Reports can be downloaded via [...]

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