JustTech’s Reliable & Secure Cloud Fax Solution

JustTech provides a reliable and secure cloud faxing solution for clients. Many organizations are moving to cloud fax services because of the significant monthly cost savings as compared to having an analog fax line and the cost savings of not having long distance costs. Also, most major phone carriers have [...]

PrintAnyWay is the Affordable Print Management Solution for Xerox Devices

PrintAnyWay, from JustTech, is the most affordable print management solution for Xerox multifunction copiers and printers. Partners and clients have embraced PrintAnyWay and we have sold thousands of licenses of this software across the United States since launch several years ago. PrintAnyWay is complete, feature rich and agile! The installation [...]

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Cyberattacks on Small to Medium Size Businesses are Increasing

Cyberattacks on SMBs (small to medium size businesses) are increasing at a rapid rate. In a recent report by Coro, companies in 6 key industries were observed for their increase in cyberattacks between Q1 2021 to Q4 2021. Transportation related companies had a 195% average increase in attacks. Healthcare related [...]

Introducing the Xerox Auto-Redaction App

According to Identity Theft Resource Center, 446.5 million consumer records containing personal identical information were exposed last year. With the Auto-Redaction App for Xerox multifunction printers, you can remove sensitive and personally identifiable information (PII) from an entire document in seconds. Any personally identifiable information (PII) — names, phone numbers, [...]

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Recent Feedback from a Client in Charleston

We recently received feedback from a new client of ours in Charleston, West Virginia: Wooton, Davis, Hussell & Ellis PLLC, Attorneys At Law. JustTech LLC and Lambros Svingos have truly been a blessing in our office.  Our previous copier company were unable to provide the comprehensive and hands-on customer service [...]

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Solutions for Legal Firms

We work with many legal firms in Southern Maryland and have observed some common challenges: Updating technology without causing disruption to firm’s productivity. Southern Solutions has local network analysts and trainers to assist with new copier and printer installations.  We coordinate with the delivery team to decrease your downtime and [...]

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