With the recent cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline where a ransom was paid of nearly 5 million dollars to retrieve files in order to restart the pipeline, it is important that businesses of all sizes ensure their network security strategy is up to date and comprehensive. One intrusion by cyber criminals or one innocent click by an employee can cost businesses lots of money and have even shut down businesses in some cases.

Ransomware attacks have increased 102 percent so far in 2021. The Washington Post reports “American organizations have lost more than $350 million this year as a result of ransomware attacks.”

Cyber criminals often focus on small businesses and those they feel are the most vulnerable to a network attack. We have seen this firsthand with organizations in our region. It is important that businesses and organizations develop a network security strategy that includes solutions to prevent cyber criminals from accessing network and training for employees to be vigilant.

WAN/Network Security

JustTech’s WAN/Network Security is one of our core services we offer for our Managed Network Service clients. This includes our advanced firewall hardware, firewall management, software subscriptions, automatic security patching, and VPN access. This is labeled as the “first line of defense” for our customer’s network because it truly is.

JustTech’s WAN/Network Security solution provides:

  • Next Gen Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • Security Heartbeat
  • Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)
  • Advanced VPN Technology
  • Powerful User and Group Web Policy
  • Application Control and QoS
  • Advanced Web Threat Protection
  • High Performance Traffic Scanning

JustTech’s WAN/Network Security also contains wireless protection to safeguard your network from potential threats from devices connected to your network wirelessly (including guest mobile devices). This is an often overlooked vulnerability.

DNS Protection

DNS (Domain Name Service) is often referred to as the “phone book” of the Internet.  Every computer on the internet identifies itself with an IP address which is a series of numbers. All servers that host websites and apps have IP addresses, too. DNS was invented so that people didn’t need to remember long IP address numbers and you could look up websites by human-friendly names like www.google.com instead.

Cisco Umbrella (formerly known as OpenDNS) started its recursive DNS service to provide everybody with the most reliable, safest, smartest, and fastest Internet connectivity in the world. Umbrella has a highly resilient recursive DNS network that boasts 100% up-time since 2006. The 30-plus worldwide data centers use Anycast routing, so requests are transparently sent to the fastest available data center with automatic fail-over. By configuring your network to use Umbrella’s recursive DNS service, you’ll get the fastest and most reliable connectivity you can imagine and that is why JustTech uses this service with all of our IT clients.

Malware, ransomware, phishing and other scams use DNS servers to look up and connect to infrastructure that is set up by cyber criminals to power these attacks. Monitoring DNS requests, as well as subsequent IP connections, is an easy way to provide better accuracy and detection of malicious activity and compromised systems, improving security visibility and network protection. DNS is the first step in making a connection on the Internet, and if a connection is blocked at the DNS layer, then it stops there.  This is why it is so important to have DNS Protection.

Email Security

90% of cyber attacks start with email according to a data breach investigations report by Verizon in 2019. JustTech’s Email Security is a filter between you and the outside world. The back-end system we use for our Email Security service is Proofpoint.

  • First the email originates from the message sender, to their mail server.
  • Then their mail server looks for your mail server in order to get the email to you.
  • Proofpoint acts as a mediator here and grabs the email first to scan it for malware, phishing attempts, macro enabled pdfs, and other threats to make sure it’s not going to harm your computer.
  • If it knows it’s trash or you have previously blocked the sender it sends it straight to the trash.
  • If it’s unsure, it places the email in a quarantine and sends the user an email letting them know it’s in there. From here the user can view this on a website to establish whether this is legitimate or not.
  • Once made legitimate, it then sends it to your mail server (Office 365, etc.), who then routes it to you.

Workstation & Server Management

JustTech’s Workstation & Server Management is the 3rd layer of our multilayered proactive managed network approach.  Through our Health Agent, which our network analysts install during implementation, we learn every angle of your network.  Via our Health Agent we protect you against the latest security threats such as viruses, malware, & ransomware.  In addition to the security & productivity our Health Agent provides it also allows our network analyst to remote into client’s workstations or servers to fix issues in an instant to correct problems sometimes even before the clients knows there is a problem.

Server & Workstation Management is a single component in our Core Services for a Managed Network Services client and includes:

  • 24/7 Live Monitoring Health Agent
  • Anti-virus, Anti-Malware, Anti Spyware Software
  • Operating System and Software Updates

Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions

Just·Tech’s Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions are designed to meet the need of increased security when logging into computers & laptops and increased convenience of using a single sign on to access many applications and websites.

  • New U.S. cyber security regulations mandate two-factor authentication for federal government websites and government contractors. Although the new restrictions add another step to authentication, we can reduce many steps by implementing single sign on with many applications and websites.
  • With our solution, we can use a token or user’s mobile phones to provide the two-factor authentication.

Redundant Off-Site Backup

The best protection against external and internal security threats is an off-site backup of data.  With our Redundant Off-Site Backup Solution, only you will have access to your documents. Before your data files are backed-up, they are encrypted using 448-bit blowfish encryption. Files are encrypted at the source during transfer and stored in an encrypted database and then backed up to a 2nd database. We provide versioning of files so you can access a document before it is deleted or changed.
Employee Training
It is very important that businesses hold ongoing security trainings with their employees on continuing to look out for ransomware type attacks. Managed IT providers, like JustTech, can provide this training for you at any time or on a scheduled basis. Some best tips include:
  • Not clicking links in an email from an unknown sender.
  • When receiving an email, double click on the sender’s name and make sure it is the correct email address. Often times a name in your organization may be used with a different email address (email spoofing).
  • If someone emails you and asks you to change bank information or make a payment online, pick up the phone and call the person to see if they sent you the email.
  • Hover over links in an email and see where it is directing you: to the intended destination or an unknown location. If it is an unknown location, do not click the link in the email!

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